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Trade Setup Page


Trade Setup Page

This is what the trade setup page looks like.

It can be found by clicking on the add position icon or while using the position size calculator.


  • When using the position size calculator, it automatically forwards the entry, stoploss and target price, as well as using a limit or market order to the Trade Setup Page after clicking on take trade. More about our position size calculator here.

Main variables

Main Values

Variable Description
Direction The direction of the trade, either LONG or SHORT.
Leverage Leverage is retrieved from your portfolio settings, or filled in manually.
Symbol The symbol of the market.
Stop loss Price at which the position should be exited at a loss.
Target Price at which you intent to cover the position.
  • Open positions: When the symbol of the market is filled in accordingly, live P/L will be shown in the trade setup page as well as on top of the dashboard.

Open position

Dashboard card of an open position.

Entry/Exit form

Entry/Exit Form

Entry & Exit forms work and look identical.

Variable Description
Quantity Amount of shares
Price Price of shares
Order type limit or market order, which often differ in fee's.



Based on the variables that were typed in, the following values are calculated:

Variable Description
Quantity Total position size of the trade
Entry Average entry
Exit Average exit
Order cost Position size in portfolio base-currency format plus paid fee's
Order value Position size in portfolio base-currency format
Fee Total of paid fee's
P/L Profit/losss in portfolio base-currency format
P/L% Profit/losss in percentage over the portfolio
stoploss% Distance between entry and stoploss in percentage
Risk Risk in base-currency format
Risk% Risk in percentage over portfolio
R/R Ratio Risk/Reward ratio

Save and closing trades

In order to close a trade and send it to the trade history, simply type in the exit form and press the Close - Manual or Close - Stop loss button.


  • Saving the trade also happens automatically when leaving the trade setup page (e.g switching to the Dashboard or an other page).


Besides the statistics of your trade, like the data described above, there are also other metrics that can be given to a trade:


Tags will help to categorize trades based on specific labels. Categorize the trades with tags to see which category tags are profitable to trade and which ones are not. It helps identify which strategies, patterns or mistakes yield the biggest wins or losses.


  • Because the tags are used in dashboard graphs and other parts of the UI, the maximum length of a tag is fixed to 26 characters. You can find more about tags on the tags documentation page.

Tradingview Chart

You can paste the link of your tradingview chart here for later reference.


  • Trade History: 1 easy click away from opening your tradingview chart! Chart icon


If you like, you can even add notes to a trade.