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Risk of loss

Quickly see what the impact is of taking too much risk. It shows how quickly balance drains after x amount of consecutive losses.

This feature can be found on the Risk/Reward page in the menu.



Compare target risk% of the portfolio to the actual risk% of the trade history, as a reminder of how important it is to manage your risk. Risk% is defined as the percentage of the portfolio balance that will be lost after a losing trade.

An example: when a trade is taken with 2% risk, the portfolio will lose 2% of it's value from that moment.



Play with the settings to see what effect it has on the drawdown.

RiskOfLoss Settings

Gain to breakeven

What is worthwhile to note: A drawdown of 50% requires a 100% gain to breakeven. As the drawdown gets worse, it requires an even much bigger gain to reach the point of breakeven.

Percentage loss Percentage to breakeven Percentage loss Percentage to breakeven
5% 5.3% 55% 122.2%
10% 11.1% 60% 150%
15% 17.6% 65% 185.7%
20% 25% 70% 233.3%
25% 33.3% 75% 300%
30% 42.9% 80% 400%
35% 53.8% 85% 566.7%
40% 66.7% 90% 900%
50% 100% 95% 1,900%