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How do tags work

Tags will help to categorize trades based on specific labels. Categorize the trades with tags to see which category tags are profitable to trade and which ones are not. It helps identify which strategies, patterns or mistakes yield the biggest wins or losses.

  • Because the tags are used in dashboard graphs and other parts of the UI, the maximum length of a tag is fixed to 26 characters.

Managing tags

Tags can be added to a trade on the trade set up page, by simply enter a name for a tag, and press enter.

Multiple tags can be added in one instance by separating them with a comma ','. A tag can be deleted by clicking on it.


  • Don't forget to save the data using the save trade button!*

Save button


The dashboard has a chart which shows the average P/L for each tag.

Tags chart

  • Find out which tag is the most profitable and which ones are not.


Tags are universably applicable, so to get started, here are a few ideas which can be used as tags:

  • Use technical analysis patterns such as ascending triangle, double top, rising wedge.
  • Use elliot wave names such as impulse, flat, zigzag.
  • Use your mistakes as tags such as no plan, no stoploss, closed too early.