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Release notes

Since we have started our open beta program, we'd also like to show which features have been implemented lately. If you want to request a feature, please shoot us a message on Discord. We'd love to have your feedback, and ideas!


  • Fixed a bug where orders couldn't be deleted.


  • Implemented an equity simulator.
  • Badges have their text set to whitespace: nowrap to fix a minor inconvience in the mobile layout.
  • Deployed a hotfix for an issue with the order type on the trade setup page.


  • Fixed the issue where the TradingView charts couldn't be opened from the trade and risk/reward page. It now opens the last added image.
  • When closing a trade, the trade setup page doesn't go back to the trades page. This is useful to change the closed date.
  • Fixed a minor bug with the Bitmex ticker.


  • Added information badges to risk/reward page. Added badges are 2R+, 5R+, exceeded risk, and stopped out.


  • Deployed a potential fix for the issues where trades are locked and cannot be deleted for a few hours.
  • Added ticker support for OKex.


  • Added functionality to add multiple TradingView charts as image.
  • Risk/reward page displays the risk in the portfolio currency next to the target risk setting.
  • Fixed the exceeded risk calculation on the risk/reward page.


  • Added ticker for Delta exchange.


  • Minor UI changes.
  • Added ability to edit the closed date of a trade, after the trade has been closed.


  • Trade setup page now displays the sum of the fees paid for the entries and exits.
  • Unrealized profit that is negative is now displayed in red on the dashboard.


  • Updated the charts in light theme.
  • Really fixed the bug with theme switching.
  • (Experimental) Added chart for PNL% vs. Holding time (in days).
  • (Experimental) Added expected risk vs. actual risk.


  • Launched a new website:


  • Added 7-day sum and 30-day sum to the daily bar charts on the dashboard.
  • Fixed a bug with the theme switcher.


  • Improved a few animations.
  • Improved the demo data generator with meaningful tags and a fixed a bug in it.
  • New portfolio now uses the quick setup page to create a portfolio.
  • Quick setup page displays a warning if Binance is used without USDT or BTC.


  • Added an improvement for tags. All tags are now displayed in the tag section!


  • Updated to .NET 6.0.
  • Minor UI change on the Risk/Reward page.
  • Fixed issue where the fees did not display on the risk/reward page.


  • Added functionality to export all the trades in a portfolio as a CSV file.
  • Added the possibility to edit the date created on a trade.
  • Fixed some issues with the CI/CD pipeline.
  • Added Google Analytics to measure engagement.


  • Added a logout button to the main navigation.


  • Resolved an issue where Bitfinex is using a legacy format if a symbol is longer than 3 characters. Symbols like DOGEUSD should now work properly.


  • Adjusted the cumulative PNL percentage charts calculation.
  • Added average risk percentage to the dashboard.
  • Minor code cleaning.


  • Fixed an issue where the last day is plotted inconsistently in the daily charts.
  • Fixed an issue where the fees weren't included in calculating the PNL and risk for open positions.
  • Fixed an issue where an order could be added to an already closed trade.
  • Clamped risk between 0 and the account balance, such that the risk never exceeds 100%.
  • If no stop loss is entered, the risk is the position value.
  • Fixed an issue where the drawdown is calculated incorrectly.


  • Added a risk of loss chart to the risk/reward page.
  • Minor changes in decimal formatting for charts.
  • Fixed a bug where the drawdown was calculated incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug where the total return on investment (%) was calculated incorrectly.


  • Added a quick setup page to quickly setup a portfolio and a first deposit.
  • Restyled the goal page.
  • User can now set a password when registering.
  • Tags now pop up with a cool animation.
  • Fade-in effect is set a little bit slower.
  • No longer possible to open trade from a different portfolio.


  • Rewrote the getting started section on
  • Trade set up page will now display the fees for each order, and also the total paid fee.
  • Added more metrics to the dashboard.
  • Minor changes to the design of various dashboard elements.
  • Fixed the error when a user doesn't fill the form on the login page.
  • Added a tags analysis chart to the dashboard.


  • Added a note field to the trade set-up page.
  • Added a TradingView chart URL field to the trade set-up page.
  • Added functionality to add and remove tags on the trade set-up page.
  • Open your added TradingView chart directly from the trades and risk/reward page.
  • Removed the open trade button. If you now click on the row, the trade will open.
  • Functionality to delete a trade from the risk/reward page.
  • Demo data generator will also generate a random tag.
  • All open positions are now displayed on the trades page, with live ticker updates.
  • Added pagination to the trade and risk reward pages.
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Added live ticker support for the following exchanges: Bitmex, Coinbase (USD, EUR, BTC), Huobi, Bittrex, KuCoin, and Poloniex.
  • Added a small message in the footer that refers to Discord, and GitHub.